What about our life?
Days running by ours , ours by minutes , but how much enjoy moments we catching ?

Design 1o1 Week 2 : My Garden

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#toolsandnotions #design1o1redux Lets melt in night paradise garden. Were night we should be hide and relaxs #Thirdlandscape #Design1o1redux baground Black like ground Black life cosmo space Black like closed eyes to start dream #Thirdlandscape #design1o1redux baground with flora Well it … Read More

Design 1o1 Week 2 : My Kitchen

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#andthatwasit #design1o1redux Water planet 1 Like and saing strat from dust . Starting from nothing and plan rezult it not easy ,especialy with gravity like true and materials action. Simple and same fun. Were half planet my son bombed lol. … Read More

Design 1o1 Week 1 : My room

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Week1 My Room by Amanteslove Monday morning #Ajourneyaroundmyroom #design1o1redux Well my first morning breath in new game Monday evening #Ajourneyaroundmyroom #design1o1redux Time for romantic evening Monday night #Ajourneyaroundmyroom #design1o1redux Time to dream Tuesday block #Universalelegance #design1o1redux Well us much it … Read More

Week 6: My clothes

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I always was impressed of japan power in simply things.#Dressimpeccably #design1o1redux Warm coming from hands#crepeorneoprene #design1o1redux Well nature always perfect.we just copy and study it to go to perfectionism #Beingalivetoday#design1o1redux Time for show?#ladygagaheadtotoe#design1o1redux What about red carpet?#Realfantasies#design1o1redux

week 5 : My Food

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    It is Christmas time , one of mostly miracle days . So why not show your love and attention to your close people ? I am sure food is one best  and for all possible way to get … Read More

WEEK 4 : My Diary

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Please enjoy My this week dairy and sure always waiting comments    #tomeettime Secret diary,after write should burn for while. #todrawflowers My goals so do right steps in right time. Plan and concentrate and study are mainly saying of my … Read More

Week 3: My time

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#jawbonetofinger    Between life and death enough one second  #Blackmountaincollege What Amazing pleasure minutes share coffee  #thetimerison How much time taking quite our day minds? #inthepinwheel Even day trip dont stop really love #olderthanthesea It is one of mostly importan … Read More

Week 2: My mind

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#flowitshowit #design101redux It is Monday. Why we need always choose only one side? #factorofconduction #design101redux Time will show #liveinhangzhou #design101redux Like saying one door closing more windows opening #flexibilityofthings #design101redux Well like saying time flying fast #Astraldance #design101redux Astro dance … Read More

Daily minds

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Today I was out in our garden. It is one day that brings joy from work. It also makes you think about life and yes sometimes fresh thoughts. Life is amazing with the things it brings to you. Desires, likes … Read More

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