2018 Spring Fashion collection

This spring I start promote new creation by youtube on video . I am sure you will enjoy it too . Handmade Jewelry Spring collection

Black magic Line

Black is a black, magic, mysterious and invisible color of life. It provides elegance and secrecy to your style. Black color is easy to fit and is suitable for modern or classical outfits. Look for more nice creation in Black magic Line 

"Princess of Mars" October Challenge

If our red solar system neighbor had a princess, what sort of woman would she be, and what would her royals jewels look like?
Entries must include a small description to explain the design.
As always, your entry must be listed in your shop by October 5th and must contain a reference/link to our team blog and voting between the 9th and the 15th. Here more info

Charity for hurricanes victims

Therefore, every piece of art purchased will not only rejoice you for a long time, but will also remind you to help others. Charity for hurricanes victims were can read more info

“Ancient Egypt” Challenge

Ancient Egypt existed for over 30 centuries and shaped the modern world with advances in mathematics, literature, science and medicine. They also left behind a legacy of magnificent art and architecture. Choose an aspect of this ancient civilization that inspires you! As usual, your challenge piece must be listed in your shop by September 5th to be eligible for the challenge. About change can find here “Ancient Egypt” Challenge

Classic Elegant Line

Like saying in each girl shelf should be black tiny dress , so and at last one complete elegant jewelry . That's why with all pleasure present this autumn classic elegant in mostly fashion colors . It easy will make your look very promo . Best quality glass beads , pearls and sure stones  make  you unique in each life party. Want see collection , please visit this page Classic Elegant Line .

Bohemian Life Style Line

This collection , special dedicate for artist soul girls .  This jewelry nice look not only for party , but and daily wearing.  They made easy fit and wearing . Give sun shining and colors for your daily life .  Easy and simple look great for teens in gifts . To bring how much you are  unique in this world . To see creations  lets visit Bohemian Line .

Egyptian Line

This autumn line special dedicated to traditional Egyptian native art . Each creation is done with symbolic and identify colors of Egyptian.  Very bright and elegant way . amazing look with easy silk dresses for promo or daily wearing . Stunning gift for Egyptian style lover . This art pieces can find in Egyptian line.