amanteslove, Vykinta Šiaučiūnienė

Welcome to AmantesLove website!

My name is Vykinta Šiaučiūnienė i'm a professional bachelor textile designer.

This site is dedicated to my art works, crafts and shop. Plus some of my on going projects!

So you will find photo gallery of my works , enjoy some my daily interest and thoughts about it , buy some of my creation or order custom or check my idea projects.

Please contact me about any ideas , question or orders.

You can find in Facebook, Gmail and Pinterest , or simple just email me by the contact form!

I am always open to hear your thoughts and ideas!


Well here little more about me:

Born 1980 June 14th


1986-1995 study in '' Žemynos'' primary school

1995-1999 study in '' Vilniaus lengvosios pramonės ir buitinių paslaugų mokykla '' middle school with profession. Artist craft maker specialty.

2000-2004 study in '' Vilniaus Dailės Akademija '' bachelor in textile design.

2006-2008 study in two profession schools advertisement maker specialty.

2013-2014 study in '' Open Online Academy, New York '' Analyse and conception in modern Architecture ''. 

2013-2014 study in  ''Open Online Academy'',  '' Design 101''.

2013-2014 study in ''Open Online Academy'', '' The Future of Storytelling ''.

2015-2016 study in iversity  programs :

Digital and social media marketing

Idea generation methods

eTourism- communication perspectives 

Building Strong Digital Brands

Controlling - A Critical Success Factor in a Globalised World

Design 101 Redux

Digital arts

Social Innovation MOOC


2015 started blog for ideas Ideas Blog for study


2005.01-2005.05 Individual patient for create and sell custom textile clothes and accessories .

2008.02-2009.05 In food market shop '' Palink '' at '' IKI'' cashier .

2010.08-2011.10  In print company UAB '' Baltic media '' Senamiesčio spaustuvė '' packing and other after print work with publish.

2011.09-2011.10  In food market shop '' Palink '' at '' IKI''  hall worker.

2011.10-2012.05 In print company  UAB ''Greita spauda'' '' Spalvų slėnis '' glued books and packing.

2012.05 In food market shop '' Palink '' at '' IKI'' cashier .

2013.05 Individual patient for create and sell custom textile clothes and accessories .

2014-15 Doing wordpress websites design , business cards and textile design.

2015 Working in German wholesale part company