Design 1o1 Redux – Part 3: My World |Week 1 : My Neighborhood

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#Mywalkscape 1
Sun and shadow
#Mywalkscape 2
Winter time walk looks around only snow
#Mywalkscape 3
House and snow nice spots look
#SkylineToKaraoke 1
Alone evening
#SkylineToKaraoke 2
coming truoble
#SkylineToKaraoke 3
well like daily look in cold winters countrys
#MyNeighbours 1
Love in sky and were no any walls
#MyNeighbours 2
always conflict is between people for any reason
#MyNeighbours 3
My home , my safe place ?
#FloodedFlorence 1
Well I am prety sure every kid this fun thing should try no mater were live
#FloodedFlorence 2
Cars , Cars , Cars well city without they cant call city ...
#FloodedFlorence 3
Bench , one of mostly important thing in yard for lovers , friends and all
One day we all walk by sky

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